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Phone Counseling
Telephone counseling is effective for many people, as demonstrated by research, and in my experience as a counselor.

A primary advantage is convenience & accessibility.

I offer the same professional service over the phone as in my office.

After your initial consultation to decide if I am the right counselor for you, you can discover the effectiveness of telephone sessions for yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!



My Approach to Counseling 

A New Beginning
I like to start with an initial consultation in order for us to get to know each other. During the consultation you can share with me what brings you to counseling, while I explain the theoretical framework of my approach and answer any questions you have about my background. We can also complete a minimal amount of paperwork and discuss fees. I offer flexible fee arrangements so counseling can be accessible to most people. Our first meeting is about creating enough safety for the important work to begin. 

Every form of communication with me is completely confidential. That's it! Plain and simple.  

Every person is unique. Your story, struggle, and creativity are yours alone, yet they assure your place in the human family. For counseling to be effective, our work together must be flexible, each session an original created just for you. I approach each client not only as unique but also as the real expert about him or herself. Many clients are relieved to hear that I avoid diagnosis in favor of putting my attention on your strengths, challenges and experiences.

Counseling Fees
My work includes individual, family and group therapy. Sessions are one hour long or can be scheduled for one-half hour. Telephone sessions are paid for in advance. You may prefer to meet in person initially, and then by phone later for convenience.

I realize that affording counseling can be difficult for some people, particularly during a time when one may most need counseling support. Money problems can accompany other issues and also may get in the way of seeking help.

The good news is that issues around money are like any we will get to address: cleaning up old messes and moving forward to the life you know is possible. I want to make counseling accessible to people.

Payment is expected at the time of service. You may pay by check, cash, or credit card or by PayPal if scheduling a telephone session.  I also accept most insurance; check with your provider to see if your policy covers psychotherapy.

Please contact me to schedule an appointment:

Serving the Austin, Texas and San Marcos Area
Phone 512-754-6175

To pay for a phone counseling session, please click one of the buttons below after filling out and submitting the above information.

45 minute sessions are $120 - to purchase a phone session, click below:

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My Role
My role is to remind you of your true nature and help you see things in a different light.

I allow and encourage the natural and spontaneous process of emotional release that occurs when we tell our stories. The outward signs of this release might include, in addition to talking, the crying, laughing, trembling, yawning or other processes that indicate the release of confusion, grief, embarrassment, fear, pain and anger. Most of us learned early in life to suppress these emotional processes. I create the attentiveness and safety necessary for you to recover from past hurts, fully reclaim your inherent nature, and begin to apply your unlimited intelligence and creativity to living the life you always knew was possible.


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