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Dr. Gary Springer
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Master of Education, University of Texas, 1996.
Master of Arts in Human Services, Counseling, St. Edward’s University, 1997
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration, California
Southern University, 2005.
Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Northcentral University, 2010.

Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Texas, since 1998
(LPC # 14609)
National Board of Certified Counselors, (NBCC
# 57927).



Crazy thoughts..

Everyone has "crazy" thoughts at times…things that seem strange…foolish…or frightening. A woman might think of quitting a job that supports her family. A man may fantasize about leaving his wife. If these are brief and passing thoughts we don’t usually worry much about them. But sometimes they are more persistent.  

If a person is troubled by these thoughts they may want to talk to someone about them. But some kinds of thoughts are hard to talk about with friends. For example if your friend is the spouse you are thinking of leaving, it may be impossible to get impartial feedback from them. And some subjects, by their very nature often seem to be more difficult to discuss with friends, such as suicide or questions about one’s sexual orientation. Furthermore, a good and caring friend may lack the experience or knowledge to help you untangle confused or troubling thoughts.  

This is why psychotherapy exists. Therapy is a place where your can speak half-formed thoughts…ask forbidden questions…say things you are unsure of. A well-trained and experienced therapist will not chide you for saying something that might shock or anger a friend. Because you are not there to ‘please’ the therapist, you don’t have the burden that friendship may impose…to censor what you say….to protect a friend’s feelings; to avoid rejection. Instead the therapist works with you to clarify your own conflicting feelings.

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